“You don’t have the power to control the things around you, but you have the power to control your life.” One of the most common misconceptions of people about Tarot readings is that it can predict or it can change the things around you. In reality, tarot readings are only meant to read your current state based on the present energies that you have. Meaning, it will serve as a warning or precautionary measures to the events that might happen basing on the current state, energies, mind-sets and beliefs that you have. Further, it is not even fortune-telling as what people perceive it to be. It has no power to see the future or change things in your past. Tarot reading, as defined, is an art to read your current natural status in terms of your predominant energies, prevailing mind-sets and recurring beliefs. It will help enlighten your being so you can make proper choices in the present to change the logical future based on your current status.

Historically, tarot reading is one of the oldest arts ever existed. In the past, it was a myth-based explanation to the questions of the people that no one has the ability to give justifications. Since they have limited Maths and Sciences in the past, there are certain phenomena that are bizarre to people which made them wonder why or how these things happen. People tend to fear the things that they don’t know or understand and they will constantly seek for rationalization to make peace with their confused spirits. Thus, this form of art arose to extinguish the paranoia of people about their strange experiences. It became a temporary panacea to ease the inquisitive mind of humanity. Eventually, as people studied and master this art, it became more scientific and logical giving explanation and awareness to human souls. However, there are still some people, both in the field of Science and in Religion who contradicts this belief. In fact, in the past, during the Dark Ages, those who practice this craft were put to death for it is against the dogma of the reigning church during that time and the art was considered witchcraft. Eventually, people became more open about this concept because it gives answers and in some degree holds water of reality and truth.

Tarot Cards

The tarot deck is divided into two sections, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. In order to fully understand the tarot card meanings, you have to comprehend the basic structure of the deck. The major arcana is composed of 22 cards and is usually numbered, especially in popular card decks with the Fool card as the only card exception. They signify the varying phases of human life, the different angles of one’s personality, the circumstances you will have to face (in reference to your personal tendencies), and certain characteristics that will help guide you to choose the right directions leading you to your destiny. Meanwhile, the minor arcana is composed of 56 cards which is divided into four suits with 14 cards in each category. The four suits are namely Cups, Wands, Pentacles, and Swords with 10 numbered pip cards per group. The remaining four cards are called court cards, the Page, the Knight, the Queen and the King. In this section, tarot meanings are as classified:

The Cups Suit is also popularly known as the Chalice Suit with close affection to the element of water. Basically, cards belonging to this class usually represent the soul of man discussing the aspects of emotions and feelings, the concept of love, gentleness and admiration. In summary, it is all about pleasure and spirituality.

The Wand Suit is also popular in the name of Staff Suit with high affinity to the element of fire. Generally, the set of cards in this group affiliates most in your vision, intuition, prediction and gut-feelings. Overall, it represents the ideas you have for growth in every area of your life and expansion.

The Pentacles Suit or Coin Suit is highly relative to the element of earth. The cards in this grouping are related to the material possession you have. This would also include all the valuable items you cherish, may it be sentimental or cost-wise. In general, it signifies your pursuit of victory, money and power.

The Swords Suit is strongly influenced by the element of air. Cards belonging to this class speak about your intellectual abilities, choices and your mind conditions. Basically, it is a symbol for action and struggle that you experience in your life.

How to Read Tarot Cards

Presently, Tarot card readings can be obtained everywhere especially with the advancement of technology in this generation. Also, tarot card meanings vary from personal or online sources due a more extensive study of this art present these days. Usually, tarot card reading can be done in this order:

First, you have to secure a prominent tarot deck of cards. In superstition, it is not advisable to buy your own deck of cards for it invites negative forces and bad luck. Traditionally, to obtain the tarot deck of cards, it should be handed down by somebody in the family or somebody who finds someone worthy of the deck. However this culture is difficult to practice, thus, in buying your own deck, have to pick a deck of card that is “calling you”. Meaning, the presence of kindred spirits should be reflected between you and the deck of cards.

Secondly, you have to conduct the session in a place of serenity. Meaning, the presence of peace should be the mood of the setting without any form of distraction. Also, before commencing, you have to establish mutual trust with each other so there will be no negative energies present in the place.

If you are ready, you can start the third phase by letting the seeker shuffle the cards. This is the usual practice of the process because as believed, while the seeker is shuffling the cards, there is transference of energies happening which will influence him as he choose his cards later on. After shuffling, ask him to cut the cards as well.

The fourth stage begins as you specifically employ different styles of tarot spreads. You can learn numerous tarot spreads online with its symbolisms and meanings. There are the two basic and popular examples of tarot spreads: the three-card spread, where three sets of cards are laid down horizontally representing the past, present and the future; the five-card spread, where sets of cards are laid down in an arc-shape pattern representing your current state, existing desires, the unexpected, the near future and the possible outcome.

After laying all the cards down, the fifth stage will start by letting the seeker choose his card as you pose the questions. By tradition, the practitioners of tarot reading avoid holding the cards so his energies will not interfere with seeker. As the seeker reveals his chosen card, the practitioner will now start to interpret the cards based on the guidelines set. Interpreting the cards can be both subjective and objective depending on the card combination and the personal insights of the practitioner.

At the moment, there are various tarot reading sites that offer this kind of service online. As a matter of fact, there are already circulating daily tarots and tarot guides for seekers. In statistics, the most popular inquisition by seekers is all about love tarots, finding the right one or how to attract and find the right one. Overall, the process is just simple, what makes it complicated is the process of interpretation because it would take deep understanding and sensitivity to the presence of the unexplainable experiences of people and relate it to their current state.

Tarot Virtual

The gaining popularity of Tarot card reading online is inevitable due to the busy kind of lifestyle most people have nowadays. This convenience of tarot online offers a better alternative than looking for a real one to conduct the session.

Today, there are two basic types of virtual tarot, the online tarot and the tarot live. Online Reading tarot is program or software created to analyse answers with accurate calculations and produce the best answers. This is a computer generated answers coming from respectable source of people who made the interpretation of each card and combines them scientifically in reference to the answers.

The second type of virtual tarot is, Tarot Live. This online tarot reading is conducted live, face to face with a real tarot master. It would depend on the site if they have already produced software for cards accessible via single click or choose real cards to make it more realistic and engaging. Two of the most respectable sites for Tarot Reading Online are the Goddess Tarot and the New Age Tarot. They both produce quality and reliable online interpretations of your choice cards.

In conclusion, though it is not generally harmful to engage in this kind of alternative, you have to understand that the answers and the interpretations provided are not the absolute solution to your questions. They are only mere suggestions and recommendations that you might consider. However, if you base all your life or your daily activities to this, it might be dangerous for it can blind your sense of discernment in choosing what is right from wrong. To conclude further, don’t be afraid that in the near future you might commit mistakes in your life, because in these errors you have, learning is most valuable. As mistakes are inevitable in this life, you need to adapt and accept that life will never be perfect in this material world, that through our errors in the past we become more discerning and wise as we face life every day.

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